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ep2-8.gif (713 bytes) Responding to the changes and needs of the market,Chaoh Shinn has a strong R&D teamwork which equipped the superior equipment by our continuous efforts and investments in this field,as well as to assist our customers to keep ahead in their rapid growing industries.  
ep2-9.gif (628 bytes) To assure our long-lasting commitment, Chaoh Shinn's staff not only possess the expert experiences but also trained in many OJT(On-Job- Training) programs. Our staff is fully qualified and friendly to help customers determine the best solution for their needs.
ep2-6.gif (671 bytes) For quality production, Chaoh Shinn has expanded its manufacturing capability continuously to adapt the Computerized Automatic Mixing System as the principal equipment and a complete system of advanced facility to manufacture quality products, moreover, our network distributions enable us to make quick transportation and prompt service to our customers.
ep2-7.gif (688 bytes) The founder of Chaoh Shinn has dedicated to this field for over a decade. Being a pioneer in this industry with a well-developed knowledge and expertise, he is leading a team with skillful and experienced R&D, MFG & Q.C. workforce to offer the best products and services to meet customers' requirements.
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item1.gif (1000 bytes) 1986 Founded and originally positioned as a professional thinner manufacturer.
item1.gif (1000 bytes) 1987 Built up an integrated system to control raw material, production,testing & quality.
item1.gif (1000 bytes) 1990 Introduced a computerized management system for order processing.
item1.gif (1000 bytes) 1991 Set up Tai-Chung branch office.
item1.gif (1000 bytes) 1993 Implemented a human-oriented and scientific management system under pro-fessional consultant.
item1.gif (1000 bytes) 1995 Factory relocated to the present 2,800ĘT facility in Ping-Tong industrial zone to meet fast growing production demands.
item1.gif (1000 bytes) 1996 Acted for CHEMCO MFG Co.,Inc.(USA) as an exclusive distributor inTaiwan market 
item1.gif (1000 bytes) 1997 Successfully corporated with the experts in coating industry to develop the first Computerized Automatic Mixing System in Taiwan.
item1.gif (1000 bytes) 1998
After years of research and developments,our quality coating paints  were launched to the domestic market.
Initiated 5S movements to create more pleasant working environment.
Set up International Sales & Marketing Dept. to expand worldwide market.
Obtaining ISO-9002 certification by year 2000 as the first priority agenda.
1999 Particpated China Coat 99 exhibition in Shanghai, march toward intenational market. Completion web site set up to promote our products on internet.

Achieved ISO-9002 certification in March. Expended 5S to 9S movements-(Seiri,Seiton,Seiso,Seiketsu,Shitsuke,Safety,Service,Smile,Security)

Successfully launched our products to Hong Kong and South America.
Start preparation to apply ISO-14001 and QS 9000 certifications.
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