About Us
item1.gif (1000 bytes) Established in 1986, as one of the leading and licensed chemical manufactuers in Taiwan, Chaoh Shinn is specialized in developing, producing & marketing a complete product line includes thinners & solvents,coating paints and spray booth operation for various industry applications.
item1.gif (1000 bytes) Based on our strong R&D and manufacturing expertise, Chaoh Shinn is well positioned its brand ˇ§CHEPˇ¨throughout the domestic marketplace.Our reputation for quality pro- duct, comprehensive service and competitive pricing have been the primary factors in our continued growth over the years.
item1.gif (1000 bytes) Now Chaoh Shinn is seeking to establish business contacts to worldwide market on a long -term basis. Should you be interested in our products or technical services, please contact us for more information.
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Http://www.chep.com.tw//  E-mail:chaoshin@ms18.hinet.net
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