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Chaoh Shinn provides various kinds of low toxic,high quality and price- competitive thinners in accordance with customers' operating conditions-temperatures, humidity and any other special requirements respectively.These solutions will enable our industrial customers to manufacture high quality products  and make benefits due to more productivity as well as cost savings in purchasing, inspection and production.
item.gif (590 bytes) 100% stringent quality control to ensure customers' safety operation,eliminating any problems and extra costs occurred
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(1) Low Toxic: 
Provide environmental friendly solutions for customers and job operators.
(2) Proper Solubility: 
Easy to apply and eliminate problems during painting process.
(3) Proper Drying Time: 
Avoid pin hole,sagging,orange peeling,etc
(4) Proper Electrical Conductivity: 
Increase painting efficiency,lessen paint wastes.
(5) Low Odor: 
For better environmental improvement.
(6) Stability in wide temperature range: 
Avoid the problems caused by the changes of seasons,temperatures and humidity. 
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